• Tukido Camp 2018

    This year’s camp marked the 35th Annual Tukido Summer Camp, a Tukido rite of passage for students, putting them through their paces with training sessions…
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  • Tukido camp 2017

    Tukido Camp 2017

    Yet again, this year’s Tukido Camp proved to be a memorable experience for members from all clubs who came together to camp, cook, train, compete, grade…
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  • Tukido Photo Competition winner!

    Tukido Photo Competition winner!

    We are pleased to announce the winner of this year’s Tukido Photo Competition, chosen by Grandmaster Teh, is Grant Hutcheson of Glasgow Tukido Club. Congratulations…
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  • Tukido Seminar 2017

    After an estimated twelve years since the last Tukido seminar taking place, there was much excitement building up to the event last Sunday (21st May…
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  • Achieving 2nd Dan Black Belt

    In 1983, Grant Hutcheson joined Tukido, while still at school. Training at the then King’s Park club, he quickly established himself as a talented martial…
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  • Kirkintilloch Instructor Eddie Smith outside the Kirkintilloch Leisure Centre

    A long road home… (Press Article)

    Click here to read “A long road home but Eddie’s picking up where he left off.” (Hearne, J, 2017) featured in The Kirkintilloch Herald on Wednesday 29th…
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  • Motherwell club celebrate the promotion of John (and Kirk 1st Dan)

    Thoughts on Achieving Black Belt 3rd Dan

    John Crawley of the Motherwell club and  Robert McPhee of the Glasgow club both successfully sat their 3rd Dan Black Belt Gradings in December 2016…
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  • triple black belt promotion

    Thoughts on Achieving Black Belt 1st Dan

    Monika Bednarek of the Glasgow club, Ian Young of the Glasgow club and Kirk Oswald of the Motherwell club all successfully sat their 1st Dan…
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  • China

    What makes a 7th Dan?

    In March this year, Tukido’s Founder and Chief Examiner, Grandmaster Teh, was extremely pleased to announce the promotion of Master William Davie to Black Belt…
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  • Sergey Jakovsky – Promotion to Instructor

    After many years of commitment to Tukido Sergey Jakovsky has achieved the well-earned position of Regional Instructor. Joining at the age of 15 Sergey Jakovsky…
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