Achieving 2nd Dan Black Belt

May 2017

In 1983, Grant Hutcheson joined Tukido, while still at school. Training at the then King’s Park club, he quickly established himself as a talented martial artist and formidable opponent in the Tukido ranks. He was a dedicated Tukido member attending classes many nights a week. His commitment, tenacity and natural ability were suitably rewarded: he achieved his Black Belt 1st Dan. After achieving this incredible feat, he left school and began a new career, a new path that unfortunately led to a hiatus from Tukido, in 1989. However, this was not the end of Grant’s passionate interest in Tukido, he returned to the sport, in 2009. More driven than ever, Grant has established himself as one of the most respected members of the Tukido family, admired for his dogged spirit in sparring, his magnanimity in victory, and his respect for others. While he admits to having tried other martial arts during his time off nothing was quite like Tukido – explaining “one thing that stands out about it is, it’s practical, it works, it really is the art of skillful combat.”

In an effort to find out more about Grant’s experience training for and achieving his 2nd Dan Black Belt we delved into his training, mindset and motivation. The following questions reveal much about Grant and our terrific sport.

What was your main motivation for attempting the grading?

My motivation for attempting the grading was to conquer some of my own demons after coming back after such a long time away, I realized I wasn’t as fit or flexible as I was when I was younger and I found myself living in my own past I had to do this to move on and start a new chapter.

What did you enjoy most about training for the grading?

What I enjoyed the most about training for the grading was the support shown by everyone who trains and being able to train regularly under Grandmaster Teh is just inspiring.

congratulations on second dan

Glasgow Instructor, Mr Waters, congratulates Grant

What did you find most difficult when training for the grading?

The most difficult part of the training for me was avoiding injury I mean I’m no spring chicken anymore.

How did you feel during the oral examination prior to the grading?

During the oral exam I went in calm and confident and came out a wreck second guessing my own name.

How did you feel on the day of the grading before it began?

Before the grading (the first attempt) I felt OK and confident and we know how that ended. The Second time I was a bag of nerves and well that turned out better.

The most lethal couple in town – Grant and wife Monika (1st Dan)

What did you enjoy most on the day? What did you find most challenging on the day?

What I enjoyed the most about the gradings was is the destruction. The biggest challenge of my grading was my fitness the grading doesn’t last as long as a class but it brings it’s own intensity because you will put your all into it and if you make a mistake and have to reperform it takes a lot out of you.

How do you feel about having passed?

Relieved and more importantly re-energized I can’t wait to learn new forms and challenge myself!

Now that you’ve passed, what’s your focus for your Tukido training?

My focus for my training now is to look towards becoming an instructor.

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