• Kim Walker

    Kim side kick

    Kim Walker, 1st Ji, Irvine Tukido Club My Own Experience In Tukido I got introduced to Tukido initially by a friend, this must have been…
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  • Tracy Ferguson

    How Tukido changed my life I started training in Tukido in 1991 when I was 14 years old, but not because I chose to. One…
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  • Andrew Gibson

    Andrew taking part in the Tukido seminar 2017

    How Tukido Changed My Life Before joining Tukido I suffered with drug and alcohol problems.  In June 2011 I was arrested for driving under the…
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  • Lewis Anderson

    When did you join Tukido? What did you like about it? For most of my life I’d wanted to learn a martial art but always…
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  • Monika Bednarek

    When did you join Tukido? In 2009 What did you like about it? How dynamic it was. I used to always have an idea of…
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