Sergey Jakovsky – Promotion to Instructor

March 2016

After many years of commitment to Tukido Sergey Jakovsky has achieved the well-earned position of Regional Instructor. Joining at the age of 15 Sergey Jakovsky has come to know Tukido very well; from his early passion and unique talent he rose through the ranks becoming an inspiring member of Tukido encouraging those whom he trains with at Pollokshaws club to excel to his own high standards. After many gradings passed, championship medals won and many summer camps spent lying on the grass doing half jack-knives he has studied hard and pulled together all his knowledge and experience to become one of Tukido’s Regional Instructors.

As a student Sergey has achieved the grade of Black Belt Second Dan which requires many years of training and dedication. And despite the nature of his work, meaning he sometimes misses periods of training, has always shown devotion to his Tukido training and the indomitable spirit to continue pursuing his next challenge be it a grading, competition or his Instructor’s Training Course.

Sergey takes the warm up exercises

Sergey, now wearing the yellow shouldered Tukido Instructor’s uniform, leading the Holyrood club students through a warm-up during his first class as a Regional Instructor

As many of you may remember Sergey has been awarded Overall Black Belt Champion at the Tukido British Championships and has excelled in many categories competing over the years. Amongst the many great performances, Sergey has provided skilled displays in the special techniques contest with exciting destruction demonstrations, combined his excellent technique with agility to excel in the flying side kick competition, and has always been creative in putting together captivating compositions to music full of life and energy to dazzle the audience.

Additionally he has also performed self defence demonstrations which he expertly choreographed to highlight the practical uses of Tukido, wowing audiences and inspiring the students to think more about the use of the techniques they practice in class routinely.

floor exercises

Sergey helping a White Belt student get the hang of one of the Tukido floor exercises

Overall, Sergey’s determination, knowledge and experience has helped him achieve such a distinctive level of success in Tukido and gaining his Regional Instructor qualification is a great means for him to pass this on to new students.Out with Tukido Sergey has shown his indomitable spirit elsewhere taking on multiple cycling challenges he set himself to raise money for charity. Firstly cycling from the most southern point in the UK, Lizard Point in Cornwall up to Dunnet Head Lighthouse at the northern tip of Scotland – over 900 miles in only 13 days! After successfully completing this epic venture, he got back on his bike at Dunnet Head and took on the North/West coast of Scotland in just two weeks.

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