Tukido British Championships 2018

November 2018

This year’s championship saw a change in venue for the championships to The Portal, training facility for Irvine Tukido Club, and saw them defend the overall championship trophy on home turf. However, as always, it wasn’t without stand out performances from competitors from each club that made it an thrilling experience for those taking part and spectators alike.

Overall results for the Tukido British Championships 2018 are as follows:

Overall Champions

  • Junior – Millie Millar (Irvine)
  • Coloured Belt – Craig Muir (Irvine) / Harry Ross (Motherwell)
  • Ladies – Kim Walker (Irvine)
  • Black Belt – Sergey Jakovsky (Glasgow)

Club Championship

  • 1st Irvine
  • 2nd Glasgow
  • 3rd Motherwell
  • 4th Kirkintilloch

You can view more photos taken of the day here.

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