Tukido Instructor Certificate Presentation

March 2022
Rob's new suit

It was so good to be back training with Grandmaster Teh at the newly relaunched Kirkintilloch Club on 23rd January 2022. There had been a buzz and excitement from everyone to get back to training.

Most of you will know that my own club, Glasgow had not had a chance to get any official training during the pandemic so we had to keep ourselves ticking over in various ways. It has to be said again that we appreciate the efforts 3rd Dan Instructor Mr Sergey Jakovsky went to during the pandemic with his Online Tukido sessions as well as the outdoor sessions in the park and various halls over the period – it really helped to keep us ticking over.

Those that took part in these sessions owe a great deal to the ingenuity and dedication of Sergey as well as 3rd Dan Mr Alan Buchan who assisted with the online sessions too – we are all eternally grateful for the continued Indomitable Spirit and Tukido energy.

Some of you may recall that I recently shared 2 Tukido Newsletter articles – Tukido Instructor Course (Summer 2021 edition) and My Tukido Journey (Winter 2021 edition) which tells a little more about the course itself as well as a bit more about my journey through Tukido.

I passed the Instructor Course 2 full years ago on the 5th January 2020 at the Kirkintilloch hall and it was rather special to be finally presented with my Certificate by Grandmaster Teh on 30th January 2022 – in the same hall that I passed it in.

Grandmaster Teh delivers the entire Instructor Course – which was both challenging but enjoyable, but I was very fortunate that Sergey was appointed as my mentor and I would like to personally thank Sergey once again for his guidance and support throughout – which was much appreciated.

Time flies in life as 2 years had actually went in a flash but it was a very special occasion for me to finally get the presentation.

Once I received my certificate Grandmaster Teh asked me to close my eyes. On opening them, my partner Maureen was standing there with my new Tukido Instructor uniform. It was a very special and symbolic moment and if I’m honest, I felt a little rush of emotion. You see, Maureen had also shared in my Tukido journey and had listened to and encouraged me throughout the 18 months it took to complete it. Not only is it amazing to have our Tukido family around us, it is also important to share these events with our family and loved ones too.

Unbeknownst to me, Maureen had contacted Grandmaster Teh in 2020 after I had passed the course as she wanted to surprise me with a gift of my new uniform. Due to lockdowns though, Maureen had kept that secret for 2 full years until my presentation – which was no mean feat I’m sure.

For that symbolic act, for that very special gift and for your continued support Maureen, I thank you and shall wear it with pride as it was a gift from you. But I also wear that uniform as a symbol of the professionalism and spirit that we all get from this amazing Martial Art and as a visual recognition of having successfully completed the entire course.

Those who wear that uniform have demonstrated that they have worked hard to achieve the goal of becoming part of Grandmaster Teh’s team of Instructors.

That journey can be taken by each and every one of you. Each of you has what it takes. Be positive and believe in yourself, take that next step to enhance your skills and give something back to others. All you need to do is say to yourselves, I can do that – I want to be part of the Instructor Team.

Each and every one of us know that in Tukido, we get nothing for nothing from Grandmaster Teh – we need to earnrob being presented his new suit every single achievement. But because of this, when do achieve something, we know we have earned it.

I have learned to realise that I will never be the most technically gifted Martial Artist but what I have had instilled into me from Grandmaster Teh and his team of instructors is Indomitable Spirit and a never give up attitude, not only to Tukido, but to everyday life itself.

I encourage every single one of you to work towards your Black Belt and as soon as you are able to, take that further step through the Tukido Instructor Course. I can assure you it will equip you in so many ways and you will benefit greatly from it, not only in your understanding of Tukido, but a greater understanding of yourself. It is a wonderful experience and I encourage you all to sign up as soon as possible.

Grandmaster Teh’s Instructor Team – Be Part of it

I would like to finish by thanking all those people again who have helped me during grading preparations and the Instructor Course but I specifically want to dedicate this article to one of our own, who sadly passed away recently, Mr Scot Ross 3rd Dan Instructor from the Motherwell Tukido Club.

During additional training sessions over many months, Mr Ross gave me so many tips to help me pass my 3rd Dan as well as so much support during my instructor course that I will be forever grateful for. Tukido has lost a great instructor but the entire Tukido family feels this huge loss and I dedicate this to him.

Rest in peace dear brother. You will never be forgotten.

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